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The Orchard Primary School Hounslow

Year 2: SATS

The SATS information meeting, for the parents of year 2 pupils, was well attended. Parents went away with a clearer idea of the end of year expectations and some ideas of how they will be able to support their children at home.

Some key points that were addressed in the meeting were:

  • The importance of good attendance and punctuality (no term time leave)
  • Healthy lifestyle (eating breakfast, exercise and getting enough sleep)
  • Talking and reading with children
  • Using some of the ideas in the booklets
  • Children – regardless of level they are working at, will be supported / challenged
  • End of year assessment is based on teacher assessment (on-going – not one test!)
  • Children are assessed in
  1. Reading
  2. Writing
  3. Maths
  4. Science

Assessment year2 -  Orchard Primary School Hounslow